User Experience Management

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Leading Ecommerce and Enterprise User Experience Teams involved organizing customer research, presenting holistic views of insights, ensuring projects maintain customer-centricity and business alignment, pushing team growth, and improving the efficiency of the design process.

Ecommerce UX Management

2x2 Persona Summary derived from Primary and Secondary Research view full summary | view working affinity diagram

Comprehensive Customer Journey Map view

Site Map view

UX Checklist view Project Kickoff Checklist | view Skills Evaluation Checklist

Design Process and Team Org Definition view sample of guide book draft

Design Sprint Facilitator and Participant

Guiding the build of a Design System

Diary Study Organization and Guidance view participant handout

Enterprise UX Management

UX/UI Service Overview and Workbook (Complemented by Internal Team Site of Methods, Tips, etc.)

Overseeing UI Design and Design System

Dashboard Tracking MSCW and Status of UX Methods Across Projects

Dashboard Tracking User Insights from Various Sources

Board of Ongoing UX Work Across Product Lines

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